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7 exercises to get you moving at work

18th January 2018
How’s the new year health-kick going? “I’ll eat healthily and scrap the sugary snacks, I’ll cut out carbs, I’ll join the gym and I won’t drink in the week” Sound familiar? It can be hard to make these changes, let alone make time for the gym! So here are some exercises that you can do at your desk / in and around the office to he…

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  • Blue Monday - Beating the January blues

    12th January 2018
    Today, 15th January, is supposedly the most depressing day of the year! So to brighten it up, here’s some hints, tips and positive ideas to make it just that little bit better for you… Mood boosting ‘Happy hormones’ serotonin and 5-htp and releasing endorphins can contribute to feelings of well-being and happiness. You can increas…
  • Jamie Oliver's Sugar Revolution!

    10th January 2018
    Jamie Oliver is well known for his campaigns to get the nation’s younger generation to be healthier – beginning with the infamous turkey twizzler ban! Here at Connect2Staff we are fully behind his latest campaign to get our government to ban the sale of energy drinks to children under the age of 16. If you don’t know much about th…