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The impact of leaving the European Union on education

23rd June 2016
As we get closer to voting, many arguments build on whether the UK should stay or leave the EU. Points like, “Brexit” would be good for business, it would be bad for farmers, it would threaten the NHS and it would protect the NHS have been discussed and with all of this many UK’s universities have massively backed the ideas of sta…

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  • Conquering gender barriers in UK Engineering

    22nd June 2016
    We all remember taking part in the falling egg experiment at school; desperately mummifying an egg in paper towels and sticky tape, constructing a dubious looking parachute from a sheet of paper and throwing it out of the highest window of the building, hoping our make-shift construction will somehow miraculously protect it from c…
  • Fighting the taboo of recruitment – #loveyouragency

    2nd June 2016
    Recruiters don’t have the best reputation right? Well, a recent survey carried out by StandOut CV, the UK’s Leading CV Writing Service, indicates how a whopping 67% of job seekers are unhappy with the service they get from recruiters. And to be honest, we don’t blame them, when 76% of candidates are rarely contacted again or given…