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5 reasons to consider Supply Teaching

16th February 2018
With more and more teachers making the change from permanent to supply teaching, most are wondering why this has become so popular in recent years? There are several reasons and benefits to explain this change, but quite simply, it is because supply teaching offers several advantages that a permanent position cannot. Of course, su…

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  • 8 reasons to love your Recruitment Consultant (we’re a friendly bunch!)

    13th February 2018
    They can provide career advice. CVs and cover letters can be daunting things to write. Quite often CVs are written and distributed with a ‘spray and pray approach’, essentially meaning the same CV is used to apply to a multitude of jobs. Employers can spot this a mile off; they want to know that you want to work specifically f…
  • National Storytelling Week - the answers!

    2nd February 2018
    We’re coming to the end of #NationalStorytellingWeek, so it’s time to reveal the answers to our emoji quiz! How many did you guess correctly? Day 1: Alice in Wonderland Day 2: Charlotte’s Web Day 3: Winne the Pooh Day 4: The Hungry Caterpillar Day 5: James and the Giant Peach Well done if you got any of the stories correct! N…