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Tips for conquering Blue Monday

Blue Monday, falling this year on 21st January, is supposedly the most depressing day of the year.

Though never scientifically proven, the combination of cold and dark mornings and evenings, post-Christmas blues and the stretch to January payday all culminate to people feeling their least happy. And the thought of being at work can sometimes make this day even worse!

So, in the art of optimism and positive thinking, we are providing you with some useful tips for getting through Blue Monday!


Take the day off!

Probably the most obvious solution to the problem! Plan a fun day out with a friend or relative or get some life admin done; preparing for the week ahead! The thought of a 4-day week should also cheer you up! As well as Tuesday supposedly being the most productive day of the week, so what better way to start the week than on a Tuesday.

But if you’re feeling brave and fancy tackling the workday head on or can’t take the day off, here are some other tips…


Plan something to do in the evening

The workday always goes much smoother when you have something to look forward to in the evening! This could be a meal out, a cinema trip or even a gym class with some friends to motivate you after work!


Plan your day the week before

Before you leave the office today, make sure you have your work day planned for Monday to make sure you are busy and don’t get distracted from tasks during the day! Try to plan jobs that you enjoy doing, or even begin a big project that you’ve been putting off. Doing this will make you feel motivated and take a weight off your shoulders.


Do something for the office

If you think other people in the office are going to be affected by Blue Monday too, plan a nice gesture in the morning to cheer everyone up! This could be bringing in bacon rolls, doing a coffee run, or bringing in some sweet goodies! No one can say no to a cookie or a doughnut.


Make sure YOU feel good!

We are always happier when we invest some time in ourselves, so wake up a bit earlier and make sure you spend some time on yourself in the morning, put on a fresh suit or dress to make you feel good!


And last of all, SMILE!

Smiling is oddly contagious, so make sure you walk into the office happy and smiling! This will not only make you feel good but also all of your colleagues.


So, there are our tips for smashing Blue Monday, good luck! If you’re feeling like every Monday at work is a blue Monday, take a look at the roles we’re currently
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