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The ABC's of interviews: Part Three

Research – This falls into nearly every aspect of your interview, and we will never stop mentioning its importance! Knowing about the position, the company, and even yourself will give you a huge advantage and that’s that. 

Sell yourself – It’s the whole point of the interview after all. Why should they take you over anyone else going for that interview? Talk about your experience and skills much more over your personal information. You deserve the role and you need to explain to the interviewer why. 

Timing – Some elements of timing you will have no control over; if you interview for a position at the same time as someone more qualified then that may just be unfortunate timing. You do have some elements of timing in your control though, like when you go for your interview. Interviewers are more likely to remember the very first and the very last interview over the ones in the middle, and since you would likely prefer not to have an interview dwelling on your mind all day and making you anxious until you’ve finished it, we highly recommend getting the earliest interview time possible! It also shows that you are eager if you ask for the earliest time they have. 

Unique Selling Points – What do you consider to be your main characteristics and traits? What is your experience either academically or in the working world? What makes you different from every other person that has come into that interview room before or after yourself? You need to let the interviewer know this so they remember you. 

Verbal Communication – This one is simply to speak clearly, concisely, and politely. Be friendly and professional too and avoid being too familiar with the interviewer. An interview will more likely be in a formal setting with formal connotations rather than it being a simple chat but just try to match the tone of your interviewer. 

Well-suited – Being well-suited for a role doesn’t just mean your qualifications. It could be the times and days that you have to work when you would rather avoid working weekends, it could be a work-from-home job and you prefer being in the office, and many more factors! If the job doesn’t meet your criteria then try to work towards one that does. 

eXpert – Hopefully as you come to the end of this blog series, you can consider yourself an interview expert! (yes, we know that this word is cheating for the letter X but cut us some slack) 

Yearn – We’ve all had to start somewhere and we’ve all deeply wanted a certain job. That’s good! Try and hold onto that feeling and remain as ambitious as you can be. 

Zealous – Work hard towards getting and beating those interviews! For any job seekers reading this, we wish good luck to you in your search and we hope that you get the role you are looking for. Contact us as well and see if we can help you in your search too! 

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