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Deciding your future

20th July 2017
Leaving school can be a scary thought, but there are loads of options out there, you just need to decide which one's for you! The below infographic shows just some of the options available …

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  • One of the most important professions

    18th July 2017
    “Adolescence is the period between childhood and adulthood encompassed by changes in physical, psychological, and social development” - Ernst M. 2006 The first question you might ask is ‘How does this relate to my role as a teacher?’ The experiences that teenagers have as their brain c…
  • Meet the Team at Connect2Staff Education!

    19th June 2017
    We’ve recently had a makeover on the Connect2Staff Education Desk so we thought it would be nice to introduce you to our fabulous new team!  Angie Mott                         Business Manager, Education       Angie is a dedicated, enthusiastic and professional manager with almost 20 years recruitment experience and is now he…