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I love working in Health Care because… CCCU Health Careers Fair

10th November 2017
CCCU Health Fair 8th November 2017, I love working in Health Care because… Our Health Care Team recently exhibited at Canterbury Christ Church University’s Health Care Careers Fair. The team recruit across the UK for permanent and contract roles, within the private, public andhomecare sector. They had a fabulous time down at CCCU,…

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  • Equal Pay Day

    10th November 2017
    Today is Equal Pay Day. This means that due to pay differences between men and women, women will essentially be working for free for the remainder of the year, 51 days. According to facts from the Fawcett Society, campaigners for equal pay, the average pay gap between men and women is 18.4% and shockingly, it is estimated that it …
  • Meet our new Talent Acquisition Manager!

    12th October 2017
    We’re excited to welcome our new Talent Acquisition Manager to the team here at Connect2Staff! Sarah Lockwood will be working closely with all our divisions in a pursuit to find the best talent for our organisation. We recently grilled her on her plans for C2S, see what they are below…   Q. What will your role be here at Connect2S…