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Saving our big cats - How we can start locally!

30th April 2018
Did you see the BBC’s ‘Big Cats About the House’ recently? If not, you missed a truly amazing and inspirational programme about The Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent, run by the remarkable Giles Clark and his team supporting the big cat conservation. Giles has dedicated his life to animal welfare and is on a mission to save big cats. He p…

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  • Yes, I want to be an Organ Donor!

    26th April 2018
    So I am proud to say my Donor Card arrived today. The thought that one day I could help save the lives of one or many individuals, is a decision I couldn’t ignore any longer.   Organ donation is something I have thought about for a long time, but irrational thoughts I have had previously had stopped me… things that made me questio…
  • How can music in school benefit your child's education?

    25th April 2018
    Having studied and enjoyed music for most of my life, I am always keen to embrace the joy that it brings to myself and to others around me.  Nearly everyone enjoys some form of music, whether it is listening to it, singing or playing some form of instrument.  Unfortunately, due to significant budget cuts, many schools are losing t…