Yes, I want to be an Organ Donor!


So I am proud to say my Donor Card arrived today. The thought that one day I could help save the lives of one or many individuals, is a decision I couldn’t ignore any longer.  

Organ donation is something I have thought about for a long time, but irrational thoughts I have had previously had stopped me… things that made me question my decision.  “How do I know I won’t need my organs when I die?”, “What would my family think having my organs in other people?”, “Will I know somehow that I don’t have them anymore!?” (Crazy when I don’t even really believe in the afterlife!)  

I felt stupid having these types of thoughts, but I wonder if I wasn’t alone in having felt them?

Your body and its contents I suppose are the one thing you wholly own your whole life, with no risk to ever losing them. Jobs, houses, relationships, personal property; all come and go but you will always have your amazing body and the organs supporting you through each stage of your life… was I ready to part with them, even after death?

As the years have gone on, I have read more and more about the amazing stories of donors. I am sure we have all seen the viral videos where parents have heard their child’s heart beat again in the body of the child they saved. Loved ones seeing the precious gift their friend or family member had passed on to a forever grateful recipient. I have also unfortunately seen the devastation the lack of donors has caused. The pain and sadness families have endured whilst they patiently wait for a suitable donor and the grief when one is not found in time due to lack of organs.   

With all of this in mind, I am now so very excited, proud and optimistic that one day I could potentially save the life of one or many people, creating some light in what will inevitably be a sad time for everyone around me. If I can help just one person extend their life and possibly achieve the goals they are still yet to reach; getting married…having children…watching their grandchild take their first steps, then that will be the most incredible achievement and one that I accomplished by ticking one simple box… YES, I WANT TO BE AN ORGAN DONOR.

If you have ever thought about saying yes and would like more information, then please click the link below to the Organ Donation website and read some of the incredible stories of donors and survivors.

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