Top Tips for Productivity in the Office

According to a campaign run by the well-known energy drink company, Red Bull, today is ‘National #4pmFinish Day’! The aim of the campaign is to encourage productivity in the workplace (and is not just an excuse to have an early Friday finish!), honing in on the ‘work smart, not hard’ theory.

So, we thought we’d run through a few of our favourite tips for productivity to help you justify that 4pm finish!

  • Don’t multi-task! – It’s an age-old concept that multi-tasking will help you get things done quicker – but it’s the biggest lie ever! Prioritising rather than multi-tasking is much more productive. Focus on completing one task at a time, rather than jumping from task to task and getting distracted; doubling the time it takes to do something that should take 5 minutes!
  • Work out your most productive hours – Everyone has different times during the day when they are more and less productive. If you work best at 6am, then get up early and get all your difficult tasks done then. Schedule your most difficult and tedious tasks to your productive hours.
  • Break big projects up into simple tasks – Big projects often feel daunting and we have a habit of putting them off, so split them up into manageable chunks. Plan how long each task will take and when you are going to complete them by. This will make the project seem much less of a burden, and you’ll probably have a better end result too!
  • Set yourself 3 goals at the start of every day. Ensure that you complete all these 3 goals by the end of the day. And even more productive; plan them the night before, before you leave the office!
  • Make a list (but not too big) – Making a list allows you to see all your tasks laid out in front of you, rather than them piling them up in your head. This will allow you to approach your to-do tasks logically, but don’t make the list too long or it might seem a bit overwhelming! 
  • Learn to say no! – This may initially sound negative, but for your own productivity’s sake, make sure you prioritise. If someone asks for something to be done yesterday and you already have numerous tasks to do, don’t feel bad about saying ‘no, but that will have to wait for a later date.’ People will then also learn to respect your time and realise that things need to be planned in advance!
  • Invest in yourself. Take some time out each month to complete some online training. You’ll learn new skills for free and in return become more productive at work!
  • Be punctual. Whether it’s arriving to work with plenty of time, or ending a meeting when it’s scheduled to end; being on time will make you feel much more organised and let you be more productive during the day. Don’t let unnecessary tasks over-run.
  • And finally, get more sleep! Well this one explains itself, really.  


Good luck and we hope you get your #4pmfinish today!

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