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"There is never a dull moment working with young adults with autism"

Following World Autism Awareness Day yesterday, we decided to ask one of our healthcare candidates what it’s like working with people with autism. And what an amazing and heartfelt response we received!


Mel is a Support Worker that Jazz, our healthcare consultant, placed last year…

 "Wouldn’t you love to spend your working day splashing water to make bubbles, baking cakes, lying on a mat listening to chill out music, laughing and being silly, making a REAL difference to someone’s life?

That is what I do EVERY work day! There is never a dull moment working with young adults with autism.

It is the most rewarding work I have ever done. Nothing can surpass the moments when you are able to give the wonderful people you work with a voice - enabling them to sign what they need and want, being able to take them out of their anxious states and make them smile.

Yes, it can be challenging. There are many different behaviours and medical needs to be wary of and environmental needs that need to be taken into consideration. But if you look beyond the loud vocals or the wheelchair, or the anxious clenching of the fists, or the pulling of the hair...if you look beyond what is expected and look beyond the labels, you will find the most interesting, funny, gentle, beautiful people you will ever meet."

Support Worker, Canterbury  

Are you interested in working in the healthcare sector? Contact one of our specialist consultants, Jazz or Claire, or email health&

Connect2Staff and Connect2Kent actively work alongside Kent Supported Employment, supporting people with disabilities get into work. If you or your company is new to working with people on the autistic spectrum, check out this advice from the National Autistic Society on managing an autistic employee.

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