The best and worst Teacher gifts!


Does your school have a mug graveyard?


Teacher gifts are often a quandary for parents and carers – they’d like to show their appreciation but often don’t know the children’s teacher personally. So the big question; what to buy for an end of year gift?!

After speaking with a few of my teaching friends the consensus does seem to be mixed (which really doesn’t help the confused parent/carer)!  

A few of the ‘no-go’s seem to be scented candles and classic mugs covered in graphics of apples and books! (A couple of the cliché teacher gifts which build up very quickly!) Also try to steer clear of ornamental plastic squirrels, or a stolen car radio! Yes, these really were items teachers have received in the past!

Instead, think about the following…

  • Chocolates – surely you can’t go wrong with this safe option, but can still be controversial; some are happy to receive whereas others spend a year trying to eat them all!
  • Wine or alcohol – take a leaf out of Chris Evans’ book; his children’s lucky teacher gets a quality bottle of plonk! It’s a long academic year and very much needed by the time July comes around! (make sure they consume alcohol first though!)
  • Vouchers -  seem a very popular choice, when a class club together to get a voucher for a popular department store, or even smaller individual ones where a teacher can choose a gift for themselves
  • Homemade gift or keepsake – Teachers love the personal touch of a gift made by a pupil – this one is definitely a crowd pleaser
  • Any green fingered teachers will love a pot plant – Lavender or Herbs seem to be the popular choice


I hope this has helped with your choice of teacher gift, let us know what you decide to get them!

Emma Jordan

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