The Benefits of a Permanent Teaching Position


Depending on personal circumstances, preferences and lifestyles, an employee can either choose to work in a temporary or a permanent position. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages and will depend on individual circumstances as to which is most appropriate for them.    

We have previously explored the benefits of temporary work as a supply teacher, so will now do the same for permanent teaching positions!  

Holiday and sick pay

As a permanent member of staff, the holidays are certainly attractive! You will receive your full pay packet throughout the summer holidays as well as all half terms. Another great benefit is the luxury of sickness pay, something that is not always accessible for a temporary member of staff.

Job security

One of the obvious perks of being a permanent employee is the benefit of job security. Working as a permanent member of staff will ensure that you have a permanent contract of employment, meaning you will have notice periods that your employer must honour. Whereas a temporary member of staff can be let go with immediate effect. Another benefit that comes hand-in-hand with job security is the financial security; you know that as a permanent member of staff you will receive a consistent income.

Training opportunities

Like any job, working as a permanent member of staff may give you more opportunities to further your training and career development. Your hirer may be more likely to invest in you as they have already taken the chance to bring you on permanently, meaning they are prepared to support your development in the long term, as this will benefit both you and themselves.

Building relationships  

Specifically, as a teacher, it’s extremely important to build relationships with your students and to gain trust and maximize their education. As a permanent member of staff, you are more likely to have regular contact and a structured timetable with your students and classes.


As a teacher, you will be automatically enrolled to Teachers Pension which is well known to be an attractive scheme for most. In comparison to other pension schemes, the percentage of your salary going into your pension is higher than average, meaning that the amount matched by the government to be inputted is also generous. For a large number of teachers, the pension scheme being directly employed through a school is much more attractive than general agency pensions which are usually a percentage of 1%.


Still not sure whether temp or perm is best for you? Check out our benefits of supply teaching blog to help you make up your mind.

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