Speed of response is the key to securing talent…


I know we keep saying it, but there really is no denying that the UK is in a candidate driven market. The latest research indicates that there are more and more ‘candidate short’ sectors than ever before and this is increasing as we move further away from the dark days of the last recession.

That said, it’s not all doom and gloom; there is still a wealth of talent available to you if you have the right proposition on the table.

It’s worth remembering however, they are also available to your competitors, so it’s not surprising to learn that almost 50% of candidates with in-demand skills from sectors experiencing shortages will have multiple opportunities available to them at any one time.


You no longer have the upper-hand, so how do you ensure that the candidate chooses you as their next employer?


By simply eliminating the barriers to your decision making, therefore, how you manage your recruitment process is paramount. Candidates want information and quick decisions, so think about how you engage, inspire and communicate the opportunity and how your selection process will fit as ultimately your speed of response will determine how effective you are at attracting and converting talent into employees.

But please treat all candidates with respect, not just those who you employ – and make this your differentiating factor. Although unsuccessful candidates are bound to be disappointed, providing quick and constructive feedback is crucial in helping them to decide whether or not to apply for future roles with you.

Don’t feedback and the chances of any further applications from them will greatly reduce, despite having the acquired skills and experiences you may want; your loss is likely to be a competitor’s gain.

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