Say Hello to Lisa!


Say hello to Lisa, she is a Senior Recruitment Consultant on the busy Connect2Socialwork desk. We wanted to find out a bit more about her experience in the recruitment industry and how she has been getting on working from home during lockdown. 

Tell us about your experience? 
I have been in recruitment for just under 5 years now. I started by recruiting Specialist Doctors, then moved onto Healthcare, and just under 2 years ago switched to Qualified Social Workers. I really enjoy all areas of Health and Care, however joining the Qualified Social Work team and working alongside amazing people that put their all into offering Children, Adults and Families a better chance at life, has to be the best decision I’ve made. Not only do we get to build great relationships where we speak weekly, make regular visits across the whole of the UK to put a face to a name, outside of lockdown of course, we also get to support our workers through times of need.
How are you finding it working from home?
Working from home has its pros and cons – cons being my dogs serenading my candidates/colleagues every time I seem to be on the phone to them (not that they seem to mind) apparently when I’m usually in the office they bark at everything that goes past my house, actually I lie, this is a pro as well as they are loving life at the moment. Another con is just generally missing the daily interaction with my team. The biggest pro though is not sitting in traffic daily and knowing that we are doing our bit for the environment. I start my days in a much more positive mood!
What do you like to do in your spare time?
Life before lockdown was always super busy, so now not being able to do all the things I was, walking, relaxing, reading, working out, BBQ’s whilst the weather is nice, these have become the normal daily things I do in my spare time. I am not complaining as I think it takes something like this to make you slow down and concentrate on the important things. Oh, and I do love a holiday, so after a year off when the time comes this will be a priority!
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Lisa Hallinan

Senior Recruitment Consultant  
Tel: 01622 236736



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