Keeping up your New Year Job Search Momentum


We all know New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep, especially when it gets past January! But if there’s one that you’re going to keep, make it to find your perfect new job!

Here are some tips on keeping up your job search, well into 2017.

  1. Get up early

All trace of motivation disappeared, staying in your pyjamas all day and getting distracted by videos of dogs in slippers? Sound familiar? As hard as it may be to get up early when you don’t have a job, a job search really is a full-time occupation. Get up early, plan your day and make sure you’re the first to check the job boards and any application updates – the early bird gets the worm, remember! Lack of motivation and drive will also be glaringly obvious in CV writing and job applications, so make sure you stay on the ball.


  1. Set specific goals (but not too many)

Yes, set goals, but don’t overload yourself with unrealistic amounts – this will only demotivate you and lead you into a downward spiral!  Setting goals is vital in planning your day when job searching, but too many could overwhelm you. For example, set stepping stones such as finding one or two potential jobs per day and tailoring your CV to that specific role. This will get you much further than a ‘spray and pray’ approach to applying!


  1. Take up a new hobby

Get those creative juices following by taking up a new hobby in your personal life – and if this complements work skills, then great - even better! For example, taking up a sport can help with team work, cooking could help with creativity and walking could help with distressing! It could even be as simple as doing crosswords or writing a blog to increase your brains cognitive ability! Whatever you choose, being more active will dramatically help with motivation and keeping a positive attitude.  


  1. Broaden your search

Don’t just stick to the job boards in your job hunt; also try industry journals, company websites and specialist recruitment companies. Some companies will advertise on their own websites before releasing them to other job boards, so you’ll be first to see them! Free job alerts from company websites are also really useful (check out Connect2Staff’s job alert emails). 


  1. Use social media

Many companies and recruitment agencies have Facebook and LinkedIn pages where they will post new jobs and keep followers up-to-date with new vacancies. However, make sure you clean up your own account before contacting them through a channel such as Facebook!


  1. Reward yourself

Don’t get bogged down in 20 stage online applications and psychometric testing – apply to a handful of jobs a day and reward yourself when you get an interview or positive CV feedback. This could be as simple as a trip to the cinema or coffee with a friend, but it will give you a chance to have a break and remember that job searching isn’t all that bad!

And finally, but maybe the most commonly forgotten point…


  1. You’ll be ahead of all the others who have already given up their New Year’s job search!


So good luck, and don’t forget to check out new vacancies on our website!

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