International Nurses' Day


This Sunday, 12th May, is International Nurses' Day! #IND19 and is a day to celebrate the amazing work that Nurses do across the world. Our healthcare team decided to ask one of our Nurses exactly what it means to them to be a Nurse...

What inspired you to get into nursing?  

My mother was a Nurse, and I saw how she nursed and looked after my grandfather when he was terminally ill. I was also fascinated with the district nursing team who visited him, and looked up to them in amazement at what they could do and their achievements. This prompted me to want to do my best too.

What would you say is the most rewarding element of being a Nurse?

Being able to help people with a holistic approach, to feel their relief when you can actually do something for them is the best feeling.

What challenges do you face as a Nurse?

Many… It’s really difficult to accept you cannot always solve people’s problems, but the fact that you can help the process in some way is gratifying. A Nurse faces the challenge of constant learning, this never stops and is a Nurse’s responsibility to ensure that their practice is the best it can be. The other challenge that comes hand-in-hand with this is to be able to recognise any limitations in your scope of practice, by being able to recognise this, a Nurse is then able to reflect and put into practice new ways of working and learning.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of becoming a Nurse?

Ask as many health professionals as possible for their experiences, research what it will mean for you, go in with your eyes and mind open, be determined to make a difference to people and you will have made a great career choice; one which you can develop over the years to reach your chosen path.


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