Equal Pay Day


Today is Equal Pay Day. This means that due to pay differences between men and women, women will essentially be working for free for the remainder of the year, 51 days. According to facts from the Fawcett Society, campaigners for equal pay, the average pay gap between men and women is 18.4% and shockingly, it is estimated that it will take approximately 62 years for the gap to close, given the current speed of progress. However, there is, of course, no guarantee of this.

Here at Commercial Services, we are fortunate enough to have more than a few females in high leadership positions. Firstly, our own Recruitment Director, Helen Lock, who has been in recruitment for over 20 years, our Finance and HR Directors, Neeta Major and Karina Rook and KCS Director, Sally Richards; all successful and inspirational women employees of Commercial Services can look to for influence and leadership.

According to the World Economic Forum, the industries with the largest pay gaps are consumer (49%), Financial Services & Investors and Infrastructure. The industries with the smallest pay gaps have been identified as Health Care (15%) and Media, Entertainment & Information.

So, realistically, what can be done about the Gender Pay Gap?  Well, as we saw back in July with the BBC, organisations of a certain size in the public sector are now required to declare salaries if the information is requested. Hopefully, through larger companies such as the BBC declaring information like this, it will encourage others to follow suit and set precedence. They are now undergoing a review of salaries after finding that only a third of the highest paid employees were female.

Think you’re being underpaid or not currently happy in your role? Connect2Staff and Connect2Kent are committed to offering equal opportunities to every candidate we work with. Covering a variety of sectors from Health Care to Construction to Business Support & Executive, feel free to contact one of our specialist consultants who are always on hand to offer career advice and discuss current opportunities.

So here’s a finishing thought for you all, never settle for less than what you deserve! #EqualPayDay

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