Education Christmas Blog #1


19 days and counting… 

Here on the Education team at Connect2Staff we are all becoming increasingly excited for Christmas.  As we speak, we are decorating our desks with tinsel and listening to Mariah Careys ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ on repeat!

Over the festive period, we will be bringing you regular blogs on everything Christmas! From our Top Five Christmas Films to Christmas themed lesson plans and much more.

So with today being Blog #1, we thought we would give you a selection of riddles to use within your classes as a way of warming up those brains and getting you and your students in the festive mood!

1)      How do you scare a snowman?

2)      What do you call Santa when he stops moving?

3)      What did Mrs Claus say to Santa when she looked up in the sky?

4)      Why do mummies like Christmas so much?

5)      What do elves learn in school?


Now, this part is for our teacher's eyes only... Scroll down for the answers!

1)      You get a hairdryer!

2)      Santa Pause!

3)      It's rain dear!

4)      Because of all the wrapping

5)      The Elf-abet


We would love to know how successful your students are with our riddles, but for now, stay tuned for our next blog! 

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