Education Blog #3 - Christmas Themed Lesson Plans

We all know from first-hand experience how hard it can be to get our children or students to think about anything other than Christmas as we build up to the well-deserved half term. Although Christmas is exciting for the children (and us adults too!) it’s important that they are learning in a fun and factual way.

Here on the Education team at Connect2Staff we thought we would give you a few Christmas inspired ideas that you can incorporate into the classroom, when you get a second away from the nativity rehearsals that is!

So the main purpose of this particular lesson plan we have created is to introduce some common Christmas themed language and vocabulary. There are so many ways to approach this whilst still keeping the children engaged, by learning a popular Christmas song or reading a story about Santa for example.

1)      As you are starting your lesson as usual with your register or whatever it may be, share with your students that the lesson is going to be Christmas themed and put on some Christmas Carols in the background to create a festive atmosphere! Then you can get their brains working with some flashcards of key Christmas characters we all know and love, such as Santa and his reindeers. Maybe at this point, you could get the children to name as many of the reindeers that they can think of?

2)      The next part of your lesson could feature a popular Christmas song of your choice. Depending on how you want your lesson to plan out, and what you want to focus on, you could either teach a song of your choice as is or even begin an adapted version where your students assist in re-writing the lyrics. This task, of course, will differ depending on the level and ages of your students.

3)      At this point in your lesson, it could be a good idea to turn to some reading or a book; it is recommended to use a book with bold illustration to really capture the children’s attention! As you go through the book, pick out key points and ask questions from it. If Santa and Rudolf are on the page, ask the children who it is and maybe the colour of their clothes etc.

As you’re ‘wrapping up’ your class, (pun intended!) continue with your usual routine of tidying up and putting things away. Maybe think about quizzing them one final time on the flashcards that you introduced at the start for a sense of reward as they leave the classroom for the day!

Need some more ideas? Don’t forget that our sister company is KCS Education Supplies; visit their Curriculum Community page to access free resources, lesson ideas, blogs and much more including, our own Careers Advice section with Advisor, Ralph.

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