Apprentice Blog 3 - The Benefits of Being an Apprentice


The decision behind my move from 6th Form to an apprenticeship was a very difficult one. I remember sitting in a classroom looking at the different types of apprenticeships I could apply for. I managed to find a Business and Administration Level 3 qualification apprenticeship working with Connect2Staff. The thought of not being in school was worrying at first but now I am in an apprenticeship, earning money whilst learning in a field in which I can grow in is perfect for me. I don’t feel like I could ever look back to my time at 6th Form and want to go back. I find that working within a growing business and learning from people who have been in recruitment for 5 years or more, gives me a better understanding of what my role is and how I can progress; not only at work but also as a person.

People have many reasons as to why they wouldn’t apply for an apprenticeship. One of these reasons for me was that the idea of an apprenticeship is a carpenter’s apprentice or an electrician’s apprentice. I had no idea that there were apprenticeships for Digital Marketing, Business and Administration and Software Engineering until I looked online. The way the world is moving is towards digital so getting involved in the digital world at a young age and learning the basics would put you ahead of your friends.

Managers are very welcoming throughout the business and being in a business environment at such a young age will make my attitude to work and work place manners adapt. I would say the main benefit of an apprenticeship is that you’re getting a foot in the door to whatever industry you go into. Having that initial years’ experience through your apprenticeship will look good on your CV when going for a new job in the same industry. Not to mention the qualification you gain after your apprenticeship. For me, working towards a Level 3 Business and Administration qualification is something which will make me gain even more qualifications in later life.

Instead of sitting behind a school desk, I am now working towards my Level 3 Business and Administration qualification whilst working in an office environment. My outlook on work has changed since I have started working full time; it isn’t a gruelling process in which I see the same faces every day and constantly sit at a desk; instead there is a lot of change which can go on within the office, making it easy to get on with my day. Every day brings a new challenge which I set my mind on completing.

I would seriously recommend starting an apprenticeship if you feel like you aren’t enjoying 6th Form / college or you know that 6th Form / college isn’t something for you anymore. Furthermore, the pros outweigh the cons significantly and learning whilst earning is a no brainer for me. 

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