Apprentice Blog 1 - The Difference between Sixth Form & an Apprenticeship


Before beginning my apprenticeship, I attended Sixth Form where I was enrolled for 12 months. During my time at Sixth Form I studied Law, Business and ICT.

At the start of Sixth Form I was highly motivated to attend all of my courses and do my best every day; however Sixth Form started to become much like secondary school all over again. This was the moment I decided it wasn’t quite for me and began searching for an apprenticeship. Another reason I started to look for an apprenticeship was because I felt I never had any time to myself as it was all spent studying, as well as having little opportunity to earn money outside of Sixth Form.

After some time looking for apprenticeships, I found one that would benefit me more than Sixth Form. The apprenticeship I found was a Business Administration apprenticeship at Connect2Staff where I would attend 9-5, Monday to Friday. The apprenticeship allowed me to have bigger responsibilities, more independence and the opportunity to gain an NVQ in Business Administration, whilst also having the opportunity to earn money and have a good work/life balance.

Apprenticeships allow you to build professional and social relationships with a wider range of people from all backgrounds which is vital as you grow older. The experiences and knowledge shared by such a varied peer group allow you to pick up advice and lessons others have learnt and give you a head start in terms of maturing and growing as a person.

The apprenticeship also offers me the opportunity to take up a permanent position after I finish, giving me a head start on many university finishers who, although qualified, have very little work experience when entering the professional workplace after their course.

The combination of earning and learning really is something I believe more young people would benefit from as it gives a sense of worth and teaches you the value of working hard for what you want.

An apprenticeship is an environment where what you put in, is what you get out, much like school, but gives you that extra boost of experience, setting you apart from the crowd.

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