A day in the life of a Resourcer on the Health Care desk


At around 8:15 my day starts with a cup of coffee and a flick through my emails. The majority of these are usually candidates responding to my adverts, phone calls or handing in their documents for compliance.

At 8:30 I then look at my calendar in order to plan my day. Do I have any registrations? Do I need to attend training or return a phone call? After this I will then make any necessary preparations such as printing off application forms and sorting CVS.

9:00am and the rest of the team have now arrived. Jazz is busy out on client meetings, hopefully she will be successful and we can begin supplying staff in Essex!  Today I have planned to catch up on my candidate compliance; so far this week we have already signed off five candidates leaving me with 32 to gather references, put on training and get DBS’ from to mention just a few tasks. The phones are also ringing in response to voicemails left from my CV resourcing yesterday afternoon. Today has been very successful and I have managed to get through to most of my candidates who are now starting to send me the requested documents. I have also managed to chase some more references so hopefully they will also be returned to me by the end of the day! Sian has had a stressful morning with candidates cancelling shifts so she is busy trying to find suitable cover and Steve is busy in his meeting.

12:00 lunch time! Today is extremely busy so this means all of us eating and working… something we have gotten pretty good at. I finally managed to finish contacting all of my candidates and hopefully have two or three almost ready to be signed off! Luckily the Umbrella Company has bought in some treats so we are all pretty happy!

13:00 We have an hour to go before Brandon and I are booked in for training so I have time to quickly look at some manual handling courses and get my five awaiting candidates booked on to their training whilst Brandon takes his lunch.

15:00 I have completed my training along with a few other colleagues which we found very useful for obtaining potential new clients! My new candidate has arrived in reception for her registration; during our meeting I will copy all of her documents, speak about her relevant experience and evaluate her suitability for the roles we have available. Sian is busy booking shifts for the Christmas period, a challenging time of year! Brandon has also discovered some useful information for us all to use when it comes to phoning clients.

15:40 Following my registration meeting, I send the candidate a follow up email reminding them of our conversation and the documents I require them to send me. I then need to upload the candidate’s details and documents on to our database and create them a profile along with completing the necessary checks and sending off their references.  I also speak with Sian about the new candidate as she will be placing them in Kent; this gives her a good idea of which clients she would like to introduce her to.  Jazz has returned from her meeting with some positive feedback and is concentrating on placing a candidate we registered together last week in Essex.

16:00 Only one hour left to go! Steve and I have arranged to hold a registration day in Bromley next Monday so I have a little time to sort through my CV watchdog and select any suitable candidates I can call to telephone interview. Here I speak with them about their relevant experience, desired job roles and necessary qualifications. Provided they are suitable to work with our clients, I then invite them in for an internal interview for further screening.

17:00 The day is over and it has been very busy but this makes the time fly by! I am pleased with what has been achieved today by myself and the team and feel happy to have such a hardworking and supportive team around me who are always willing to help out especially when some of us are still learning! 



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