A Day in the Life of a Nurse


Ever thought about becoming a nurse? Well, on International Nurses Day 2017, we’ve asked one of our nurses to let us in on a day in the life of a nurse… take a look and if you decide it’s for you, give us a call and we can help you find your perfect role!

A day in the Life of a Nurse:

I am a staff nurse working in an integrated care centre. There are 30 beds on two units. Each unit has a communal area in the middle with a day room and 15 ensuite rooms. The patients dine together for their meals and this is a very sociable part of their day.

My day shift, late or early, consists of allocating the patients to the carers and supporting them with the personal care.

We have 3 drug rounds during the day shift that can take a long time as generally the patients require a lot of medication. We try to encourage the patients to self-medicate if it is appropriate and the patient is confident and able to carry this out.

My day consists of ensuring that the patients see the visiting GP if they require examination or assessment of their needs. I am involved with planning patient’s rehabilitation with the physiotherapist and occupational therapist. I also assess the patient’s skin which may be at risk of breakdown due to their health problems or reduced mobility.

We have family meetings and case conferences to involve the families in planning for discharge, either back home or to a more appropriate care setting.

We have a variety of risk assessments for each patient’s individual needs. For example; skin integrity, falls and medical conditions etc.

I spend much of my shift updating patients care plans and assessing patient’s needs. I also carry out wound care. My days at work are full and there is never a dull moment!

- Amanda, Nurse, Kent

So there you have it, packed days but huge job satisfaction! Visit our Health Care page for more information about opportunities. 

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