8 reasons to love your Recruitment Consultant (we’re a friendly bunch!)



  1. They can provide career advice.

CVs and cover letters can be daunting things to write. Quite often CVs are written and distributed with a ‘spray and pray approach’, essentially meaning the same CV is used to apply to a multitude of jobs. Employers can spot this a mile off; they want to know that you want to work specifically for them, and why, so generalised CVs will be overlooked. A Recruitment Consultant is experienced in CV and cover letter writing so can help you tailor your CV to each job, meaning you’ll be much more attractive to the client!

  1. They are experts in what they do.

Most consultants will specialise in a certain industry, for example Health Care, Education, Business Support, IT etc. This allows them to become experts in their field, meaning they can provide valuable advice and knowledge to both clients and candidates. They’ll also usually work across a specific location, allowing them to understand the market even better in that area. Want to know who’s recruiting in a certain area, Rec Cons will know!

  1. They have access to jobs that aren’t advertised online.

If your Recruitment Consultant has a good relationship with their client, the client will often entrust them with filling roles without advertising the job themselves. Therefore, it’s likely that your Recruitment Consultant will know about jobs that aren’t publicly advertised on job boards. Similarly, a client may only be passively looking for a new employee if the right person comes along. So, through talking to your consultant, you’ll have access to a much wider range of opportunities.

  1. They’ll make your job search a lot easier.

When people are looking for a new job, they often say that job searching is a full-time job that they don’t have time for! Well guess what, that’s what Recruitment Consultants are paid to do – job search for you! Recruitment Consultants are working with a variety of clients at one time, so can let a number of relevant clients know about you. You’ll then get more exposure to the market and are more likely to land your perfect new job!

  1. They’re skilled in negotiation.

Looking for a pay rise? More responsibility? Better work/life balance? Recruitment Consultants are skilled in negotiation and are more than likely to negotiate a better deal for you in your next role. They know what market salary rates are, and what other similar companies are offering. They can use their knowledge and expertise to ensure you get the best deal for your next career move, and also advise clients on what to offer to attract the best talent!  

  1. They’re interested.

Recruitment Consultants are inquisitive beings; they constantly want to learn. They ask a lot of questions, but that’s a good thing! They’re trying to learn from you, learn about what your career goals are and what you really want from a new position. They genuinely want to learn about your background, you could even teach them a thing or two about the industry! Don’t be afraid to confide in them; their job is to be confidential and provide you with the best advice and guidance that they can.

  1. They give you a competitive edge.

Seen a job you like the sound of? By going through a Recruitment Consultant, you’ll be able to learn a lot more about the role and the company as it’s likely they will have worked closely with the hiring company before. They’ll be able to tell you all about the interview process, typical questions, about the culture of the business, what the managers are like and other hints and tips. This is a lot more information than you’d get if you applied directly to the company, consequently giving you a competitive edge compared to other candidates.

  1. They truly love what they do.

Yes, they get a commission for placing a candidate with a client, but recruitment really is a tough game; they work long hours, deal with a lot of setbacks and have to deal with some difficult competition. So if they didn’t love the job, trust us when we say they certainly wouldn’t be doing it! Job satisfaction is huge for Recruitment Consultants; the feeling of helping a candidate find their perfect job and helping them turn their life around really is second to none. It’s the reason they love what they do and why they do it with passion!


So there you have it. Thinking about looking for a new position? Do some research and find a Recruitment Consultant in your area that specialises in what you’re looking for; they can provide an array of advice and guidance, saving you time and money (and they’re free to use, so why wouldn’t you!).

Take a look at our current vacancies on our job portal and link in with a specialist consultant to find your next role.

Happy Valentine's Day and happy job hunting!



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