7 exercises to get you moving at work


How’s the new year health-kick going?

“I’ll eat healthily and scrap the sugary snacks, I’ll cut out carbs, I’ll join the gym and I won’t drink in the week”

Sound familiar? It can be hard to make these changes, let alone make time for the gym!

So here are some exercises that you can do at your desk / in and around the office to help kick start the new you….


In the office, get up and talk to your colleagues instead of dialling their extension number. Take the stairs instead of the lift – did you know that taking the stairs two at a time engages a greater number of muscles and burns up to 10% more calories?

You could also walk to the local shop, instead of driving in your lunch break.

Shoulder Shrugs

Sitting at your desk, back straight, hands on your lap, raise your shoulders as high as you can then release, repeat for 30 seconds then pause. Repeat 3 times.

Leg Lifts

Sit on your chair, back straight and arms by your sides and extend your legs one by one out straight in front of you, flexing your toes up towards the ceiling.  Start with 3 repetitions of 30 seconds on each leg then build yourself up over time.


If you are drinking enough water (2 litres per day) you will probably be having regular toilet breaks. Why not do 20 squats prior to sitting down. You can do these whilst hovering over the toilet seat. Equally, you could do squats each morning and evening whilst brushing your teeth (min 2 minutes).

Wall Push Ups

Is it your turn to make the tea? Stand facing the wall and take one large step backwards, put your hands on the wall shoulder width apart, neutral spine, use your arms to push yourself up then bend your elbows to lower yourself closer to the wall. Repeat until the kettle boils.

Wall Sits

Lean against the wall, move your feet one full step in front of you, shoulder width apart. Lower yourself to a seated position and stand up again, repeat until the kettle boils (or for 2 minutes) as you get stronger hold your seated position for longer.

Arm Lifts

Sitting in your chair, back straight, raise both arms stretched out straight either side of your body to shoulder height and hold for 30 seconds, lower and repeat 3 times.


We hope that’s given you some motivation to get moving in the office! Doing these exercises can really make a difference in your working day, helping you feel more awake, motivated and also increasing productivity and creativity. Winner!

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